Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Manuka honey to treat splinters

Here is a holistic treatment from a chapter in my book 
"My Natural Medicine Cabinet"

Splinters: This is one of the most painful conditions, which I have tons of experience with. We rent a house every summer and both my kids inevitably rack up many splinters throughout our month-long stay. At first, I used to try to tweeze them, which caused an immense amount of both pain and trauma for all involved. Then one day I discovered someone posted about using manuka honey as a natural treatment for splinters. Being that this is one of my favorite substances, I was more than willingly to give it a try and experienced immediate success. All you have to do is put a glob of it on the splinter right before bed, place a band-aid over it, and then when you wake up in the morning the splinter will be at, or very close to, the surface. Many times you can just almost wipe it off or take a tweezer and you barely need to pull on it. For very deep splinters it may take two nights. This remedy has made my life so easy in the summertime, and we have no more drama or trauma! 

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