Thursday, March 8, 2018

Boosting Immunity: some simple strategies

I know how easy it is to get caught up in our busy every day lives and forget to do things each day that can boost our immunity to protect us and keep us healthy.  But please remember that a few simple things can really make the difference and have a very positive impact on your health.  

So whether it's being stressed out or not making the best food choices, it's not surprising how quickly we can get under the weather.  However, the best reason to boost your immunity is so that your body can handle when it does come down with something, so it does not lead to a more serious complication.

We have all heard these scary news stories recently about children and adults dying in record numbers from the flu this year.  But you need to look at some of the facts before jumping to the conclusion that we are all at high-risk for something terrible like this happening to one of us.  First, we don't know how healthy these people were before they got the flu.  Second, they could have had their immune system overwhelmed for instance if they recently just had a vaccine, especially a flu vaccination.  And lastly, it is hard to know if any of these deaths may have been caused by a side effect from a commonly prescribed drug used to treat the flu that seems to be causing issues for many people.

So the best defense you have against having a complication due to an illness is to keep your immunity boosted each day and not wait till until you get sick to start thinking about it. There are some very simple steps that you can take to keep your health at its optimal level.
First and foremost is to eat the least amount of processed food as possible.  Those chemicals and preservatives really get in the way of our digestion and we know our gut is very involved with how the immune system functions.  Next, processed food is just not wholesome food.  It doesn't give our body the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that it needs to function properly.  Many processed foods contain a lot of sugar, which we know also lowers our immunity.

Now we all know that there are certain days that you just don't have the time or opportunity to make the best food choices. So on those days make the best ones that you can and then consider an immune boosting supplement such as Olive leaf extract, Cats Claw or Astralagus.  

But the thing to do better then supplementing is to eat in a way that you get everything you need from the food you eat.  Think about what you can add to a meal before you eat it.  For example, consider adding tumeric mixed in with olive oil on a piece of healthy toast with avocado.  Or try berries, chia seeds in coconut or almond yogurt.  You can make a smoothie and add medicinal mushrooms and chlorella.  Cook some chicken broth over the weekend and have a glass each morning.  There are so many little things you can do to tweek each meal and make it more immune boosting.  You just have to give it a little bit of thought.

Aside from the basics of washing your hands more often in winter months, you should arm yourself with some other basic things like supplementing with Vitamin D, probiotic, Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil.  There are many other supplements to consider trying but these are the bare bones to take.  And if stress is your big issue then make sure you get to the gym, spend time meditating, listen to music, read a good book, chat with a good friend or have that glass of wine and try to relax.  Your body and health will thank you for it!

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Boosting Immunity:  some simple strategies I know how easy it is to get caught up in our busy every day lives and forget to do thin...